Who am I?

I am white, male, college educated, and have a good source of money (at least for now). This makes some people think that I am privileged and that I have nothing to complain about. However, I also have Asperger’s, so I am not quite as privileged as you may think. We do have a growing awareness for this condition, but despite this we do not get enough support from society and we struggle. We struggle with finding jobs that match our skill and education levels, we struggle with making meaningful relationships, and while people are becoming more accepting of the condition per se, they are not becoming more accepting of the various traits that I and others have that may be caused by Asperger’s. Being sensitive to touch, I have a huge problem with dogs trying to come up an lick me. I also befriend people in unorthodox manners because that works better for me. With both these and other things, I found people who were highly reactionary to my ways, and some of these people have greatly hurt me. When I try to explain these and other things to friends of mine, not everyone is understanding.

People are also not always willing to accommodate me either. For example, many dentists have refused to treat me because I would not let them do a painful X-ray, even though the cleanings that I was trying to get did not require X-rays. I also am electrosensitive, and as such I cannot be around cell phones and the radiation that they give out. In recent years, this has greatly limited where I can go to and has caused issues with peers who are glued to their phones.

I am not using my real name on this blog, as we are not a society that accepts all forms of speech. While the constitution and the  legal courts still guarantee us the right to free speech, society does not. Whenever someone says something controversial in public, that person is immediately vilified. And the situation is getting worse. Four years ago, I started writing a book about my life. It came out to 355 pages once it was finished two years later. That book was to become my source of income with me unable to find a job otherwise. I was hoping to go on tour with the book to talk about the struggles I had in my life. However, since I wrote the book society has become less open to free expression and as such I put the book on hold. I cannot publish the book without risking being verbally attacked by commentators and ostracized by the few friends I have now. As such, I still need to depend on my parents for all my finances.

But I am not going to remain silent either. My views and my struggles are too important to ignore. Some of my views might not be in line with most of society or with mainstream media, but as we have seen through history, the views of the majority were not necessarily the most just either. So here are my views being published anonymously my me who calls himself The Aspergeric Free Spirit.

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